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I poked a badger with a spoon!

Never heard that one before...

Ich bin ein Berliner
14 May 1981
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I can safely say I'm the lamest person on the planet.

30 seconds to mars, a perfect circle, alcohol, alexis desinof, amber benson, america's next top model, angel, ani difranco, at the drive in, australian accents, babies on spikes, badly drawn boy, bam margera, baseball, beer, big cities, bjork, blind melon, blues, boys, brandon lee, brett scallions, british accents, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, cartoon network, celebrity jeopardy, christina ricci, clockwork orange, coffee, coldplay, conan o'brien, david blaine, death metal, dennis miller, dexter's laboratory, dr pepper, eddie izzard, ewan mcgregor, fight club, finding nemo, finger eleven, fuel, george carlin, harry potter, hitting things, homeys, ice cream, jack daniels, jackass, jackson mississippi, james marsters, jazz, jeff buckley, jimmy eat world, jimmy gnecco, johnny bravo, joss whedon, jude, kosheen, lost, marx brothers, massive attack, mc escher, men, mississippi, monsters inc., moulin rouge, movies, music, my boyfriend, my fair brady, myself, new orleans, nicholas brendon, nicole kidman, office space, orlando bloom, ours, pasta, pink, placebo, poetry, poking badgers with spoons, poodles, project runway, pulp fiction, punching the wall, radiohead, reading, road trips, rufus wainwright, salsa, salsa doritos, sarah michelle gellar, seinfeld, send me $10, sesame street, shoes, sid vicious, singing in the shower, smelly good stuff, spike, sushi, tara maclay, tenacious d, the big lebowski, the cohen brothers, the crow, the emperor's new groove, the sex pistols, the who, the wizard of oz, thursday, toe socks, tom lenk, vast, veronica mars, vincent kartheiser, west memphis three, wm3