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new shoes

I start Trustmark today!  I'm pretty excited about it.  So much so, that I couldn't sleep past 415am, so I've been up since then.  Boooo.  I'm meeting Dad for a sushi lunch, and that'll be awesome, too.

In addition to the awesomeness, Chris's granny gave me a pair of fucking fab knee-high boots that I am so totally in love with.  Also, she gave me a tailored, knee length red wool coat, which wins as well. 

I need to buy some new dress pants, and I'm gonna bitch and whine about this as usual.  Look, I'm not that tall, and I like to think that I am about the same height as the AVERAGE woman.  So why, do tell, is it that the pants length "Average" looks more like it's got a 35 inch inseam?  That, my friends, is NOT normal.  They should change it from "Average" to "Amazon", to be more on target.  That said, Old Navy in Dogwood doesn't seem to carry any dress pants that aren't "average" leg length, so I'm probably going to have to order them online which is a big pain in my ass.  /end bitching

I saw I Am Legend on Friday with Liza and Matt.  I thought it was great, though completely and utterly heartbreaking in the middle.  I, for one, thought the zombies were fucking terrifying, and I had legitimate nightmares about them for two nights.  I can't find an image of them for your reference, which is probably a good thing.  *runs and hides*
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